5 Tips to Save on your Grocery Trips

Anyone else have hungry hippos for children??? I do!!! And feeding them on a regular basis can become quite expensive. What if I told you that there are ways to cut your grocery expenses down. I’ve tried this method out for a year and it legitimately works for me, so there is a chance that my method may work for you as well. Here are my 5 tips to save on your next grocery trip.


1. Plan your Meals

This step is the biggest way to save you some coins! Print a calendar for the month, write down the biggest meals for each week (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


Breakfast: eggs, sausage, grits

Lunch: grilled cheese, apple slices, chips

Dinner: bbq  chicken, broccoli, rice

Snacks are last on my list and majority of the time they are healthy choices (fruit, and veggies).


2. Read the Sale Add

Each store has their own sales add highlight the sales for that week or weekend. Circle what is needed in these sales add according to what is on your calendar, pretty simple. Now however majority of the main stores (Sams’s, Meijers, Walmart, and Jewels) have apps that all you have to do is tap the picture on their sales add and it will automatically create a list for you, pretty convenient right!


3. Designate a Certain Amount Per Month

Delegate a certain amount of money per month and do not budge from that amount. If you have money leftover (congrats to you!!) either save those funds and apply it towards your savings, or that family trip or roll it over into the next month for your grocery budget.


4. Start Couponing!!!

This is a new step for me but it is a well needed step. My grandmother was hands down the coupon queen. She had her coupons sorted by categories and then expiration date. In Chicago majority if not all the coupons are in the Chicago tribune paper, or the Chicago Sun-Times (retailmenot). Now though there is an app called Ibotta.

This app can be compounded on top of the coupons that you use, its like having rebates for everything. I just started using this app in the middle of May and I’m already at $12.45.

 5 tips to save on your grocery trips

5. Download Grocery Store Apps

Now I’ll admit I was one of those moms that refused to sign up for store apps. But stores have gotten quite crafty by putting their coupons in their app and if you do not have the app you will not get the coupons. Needless to say I have and entire category of store apps on my phone.


Planning my meals in advance has saved me money, time and has given me patience. I literally use to dread going to the grocery store, but now that I have a game plan in place I do not dread it all. One last tip!!! If you have to take the kids with you, feed them a snack before you go that will eliminate them asking for any type of food and impulsive buying.

How do you save on your grocery bills?


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