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DevaCut is Not for Me!!!

I tried the DevaCut and loved it initially, but growing out the DevaCut did not work for me.

Welp! This is definitely one of those cases where I learned a super valuable and very important lesson. Everything is not for everybody, and the DevaCut is not for me. Lets start with the basics, what is a DevaCut? A DevaCut is customized to work with your unique curl pattern. The hair is cut dry, curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. The stylist cuts the hair in its natural form, while dry, curl by curl. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style because no two curls are alike. (Curltopia).


Now let me be very clear, this has nothing to do the person who did the actual cut. She did a wonderful job, my hair was super soft had bounce, body and definition and it had the shape I was aiming for.  However a month or two after the cut my hair did not lay right at all. It looked super gap (ish). The layers grew back weird, it was just a hot mess. I thought at first it was the color that I had, because color can make things look gap (ish) as well. But nope, that was not it because I dyed my hair the all the same color (black, originally had highlights ) and it still looked gap (ish).


After looking at several pictures I came to the conclusion that it was the DevaCut itself. My hair has two curl patterns the back of my hair is looser than the front and the middle. So normally I would cut the back shorter than the front to compensate for the curl pattern difference. I would literally go to the shop just for a trim but would make sure that my hair would have a super blunt cut to where flat ironed it was the same length.

With the DevaCut it is the complete opposite approach. To begin with, your hair is already in its curly state so you can’t possibly get a blunt cut that would be impossible. You’re also instructed to not put any product in your hair so that they can see your true curl pattern. Well…that doesn’t work for me either, because with no product in my hair I really don’t have a defined curl at all.



So with all that being said, I came to the conclusion that I now have to grow my hair out yet again. It’s not fun for me to basically start all over again because I already achieved the length and the body that I wanted. It just sucks because I wanted a shape that could only be achieved by being cut curly, and I was willing to compromise length for the shape but it truly backfired.

This is my starting point yet again. I will be looking for some hair growth gummies, giving myself hair massages at night to stimulate growth (inversion method). I will also resort back to monthly hair length checks, to grow my hair back. No I will not have regular trims (every 2 months) for me I don’t feel like it is necessary to do so at all. I will only trim my hair as needed.

Have you tried the DevaCut? How did your hair grow afterwards?

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