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Pros and Cons of Goddess Locs

Learn all the secrets behind the infamous Goddess Locs .

Spring season is finally here! With spring break and vacations planned naturals are looking for protective yet cute hairstyles to last for their trips. Goddess locs, faux locs whatever you want to call them is currently a trending protective hairstyle. So I figured I would give this style a try. I started looking at YouTube videos to see if I could mimic and achieve this style. Fortunately it was not that difficult to replicate. You basically section your hair, braid your hair with the braiding weave that has the type of tip that you want exposed, and then you wrap the faux hair around the braid. Easy to achieve right?! HOWEVER there is a dark side to goddess locs that only one YouTuber exposed, but I unfortunately did not think to google the cons until after I experienced the cons for myself. It was a major reality check for myself, and a valid learning lesson. So lets start with the pros!!!

Pros and Cons of Goddess Locs


Get Up and Go

I work Monday thru Friday and if you include motherhood, I basically work  non stop. So having the ability to literally get up and go was literally the best feeling in the world! You can literally change your hairstyle in a couple of seconds without the hassle.

Endless Possibilities of Styles

You can create so many styles with goddess locs. I was on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram looking up several hairstyles. And the hairstyles are not that difficult to recreate, and it sometimes only requires bobby pins. Very effortless yet beautiful looks can be created with locs.

Gives your Hair a Break

Goddess locs is definitely under the umbrella of a protective style (depends on how tightly the style was executed). Protective styles give your hair that well needed break from the elements that could possibly hinder your hair from growing.

Pros and Cons of Goddess Locs


Time Consuming, Putting In and Taking Down

My patience is very small however it does take a long time to put goddess locs in and to take them out. Make sure you have something to do because either way (taking down or putting in) you will be sitting for more than three hours unless there are multiple people doing your hair.

Hard to Sleep

I love my sleep, but for some reason I found it extremely difficult to sleep at night with this hairstyle. I literally took a long stretchy piece of fabric and put it on my head so that the locs were off of my neck, and I was able to move my neck around freely.

Washing your Hair

Washing my air is a must for me. I have a buildup that just naturally occurs even though I barely use products on my scalp. But washing with goddess locs in was definitely a hassle. You only want to focus on your scalp because the rest of the locs truly do not need to get wet. If your locs do become wet you will literally spend hours trying to dry your hair.

Lint Buildup

I never understood how lint buildup occurred until I put goddess locs in my hair. Just imagine every time you lay down, every time you change your clothes that pass over your head lint literally becomes trapped in the front and back part of your locs. I tried getting it out with a small parting comb and I felt like my hair was breaking in the process, so I stopped immediately.


Since I did mine myself I was able to make sure that I was not twisting or braiding to tight. This to me (tightness) is the difference between goddess locs being a protective style or a damaging style. You are paying your hard-earned money, do not be scared to speak up  and say something. I’ve literally seen people take pain meds and just wait until their hair “loosens up” aka new growth to turn around and lose patches of hair. Frequently what is next to occur is traction alopecia. Again if it is tight speak up and say something.

Thin Hair After Take Down

My hair is already fine by itself, but after I took out my locs my hair was super thin. Thin to the point where I became concerned with the overall health of my hair. After two weeks of deep treatments and letting my hair literally breathe, my hair finally returned to its regular state.

Again let me just say FOR ME there was definitely more cons than pros. I’m pretty sure my experience is just centralized to me, but I would be remiss to not inform my readers of the possibilities on what could occur when you have goddess locs.

Have you worn goddess locs before? What was your experience during and after (takedown)?

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