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The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen…

The essentials that every naturalista will need to have a successful regimen.

Routines require consistency, and goals to what you want out of your hair. Yes this process will take time, trial and error. But the end result is you learning your hair, which is always a win! So let’s get to it. The purpose of a routine is to see what product work, and what products don’t.

Why set your hair goals?

  • Youneed goals to have focus and a direction of where you want your hair to grow.

Seasonal Regimen

  • When the seasons change so should the maintence of your hair. In Chicago the weather is brutual and recks havoc on my hair, the products I use have to be rich in moisture in the cooler months and humidity fee in the hotter months.

The Basics in my Hair Regimen


The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

1. Detangler

  • Dampen your hair with water and then add conditioner that has a lot of slippage (makes your hair easy to detangle) to it.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

2. Cleanser aka Shampoo

  • I experience buildup and have a flaky scalp, it is essential for me to rid my scalp of any buildup and flakes. I use any shampoo that contains tea tree oil, and the only focus is the scalp. With tea tree oil you will definitely feel the tingle and it soothes any itch you may have. My shampoo of choice is Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Shampoo and Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

3. Conditioner

  • Finding a conditioner that adds back the moisture that was just stripped from it. You want to balance your hair ph back with your conditioner. My conditioner of choice is Mane N’ Tail Conditioner.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

4. Deep Conditioner

  • Deep conditioning in the colder months is a weekly occurance, in the hotter months it is a biweekly occurance. Either way it is needed to repair or moisturize your hair. Deep conditioning is a beneficial step to catapult you closer to your hair goals.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

5. Leave in Conditioner

  • This step is a once a week occurrence to keep the hair moisturized, soft and manageable a very required element in a regimen.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

6. Moisturizer

  • Once you have gotten some of the water out with 100% cotton towel and your hair is semi damp you can add your moisturizer, from tip to root smooth the moisturizer on your hair. Normally my hair is in four sections which makes it easy to saturate all strands.

7. Oil

  • Depending on your scalp/hair needs at this point oil should be added. I use jojoba oil or almond oil and massage it into my scalp to ensure that my scalp will not ¬†become dry. I also apply it to the tips of my hair after my moisturizer has been applied. Adding the oil to the tips seals your cuticles and retains the moisture that you just added, very detrimental.

The Necessities for a Natural Hair Regimen

8. Styler

  • This step is optional, I use to go without it but now it is a must for myself. Finding a styler took a lot of trial and error and I spent a pretty penny to find what my hair needed. Some stylers are a two in one (moisturizer and styler) so adding a styler won’t necessarily feel like an added step.

*Example: Winter Regimen*

1. Detangler: dampen w/ water and conditioner

2. Cleanser: Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Shampoo

3. Conditioner: Mane N’ Tail Conditioner

4. Oil: Jojoba Oil

5. Deep Conditioner: Mielle Organics Deep Conditioner (once a week)

6. Leave in Conditioner: Mielle Organics White Peony Leave In Conditioner

7. Moisturizer: Kinky- Curly Original Curling Custard

8. Heat Protectant: Aphogee Heat Protectant (if blow drying or using any types of heat)

*Tip: When you are testing out new products (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and moisturizer) give it a month. It takes at least 30 days to see the true effects a product has on your hair. Trying out stylers on the other hand is easier and quicker process. If the styler does not do what it promises (cut frizz, add definition) then start looking for another one. I’ve also learned that some stylers work better in different weather types. Since you have already spent the money hold on to it and revisit it when the changes. Also if its possible buy samples! Samples are so much easier to chuck in the garbage, or give it to another natural, see if they benefit from it.

What does your regimen look like? Does your regimen change when the weather changes? What steps would you add?

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