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Coconut Oil Does Not Work For Me!

Are you struggling with coconut oil??? Here maybe the reasons why...

There are two natural moisturizers that I consistently see naturals using; shea butter and coconut oil. When seeing the results that other naturalistas achieve I figured that I would give these products a try. But year after year my results from using coconut oil was NOTHING like the other naturals who coconut oil daily almost.

Now don’t get me wrong, coconut oil has many benefits; nourishes the scalp, combats hair loss, adds softness, and less breakage. All wonderful benefits right? However what is the point of using it if the results are; super weighed down hair, overly moisturized scalp that barely washes out. Now at this point I know your probably wondering, well how do you use it to get those results? Glad you asked!

Coconut Oil Does Not Work for Me!
Deep Conditioning
Deep Conditioner 

  • This was the first method I used to combat how dry my hair was

Everyone Else Results

  • Super soft shiny hair, bouncy fluffy curls.

My Results

  • A weighted down mess, my hair was super shiny but my curls was so heavy from applying the coconut oil that I had no definition.


Coconut Oil Does Not Work for Me!
Tip Sealant
Tip Sealant

  • Many naturals use this as soon as they have freshly washed hair to lock in the moisture. (LOC method)

Everyone Else Results

  • Stronger ends, shiny hair, sealed hair cuticles.

My Results

  • Weighed my hair down, never fully penetrated my ends, stayed right on top of the hair shaft.


Coconut Oil Does Not Work for Me!
Scalp Moisturizer
Scalp Moisturizer/ Moisturizer

  • Used to combat dry scalp

Everyone Else Results

  • No more dry scalp, shiny hair, defined curls.

My results

  • While I had no flakes, my hair again was weighed down.


Coconut Oil Does Not Work for Me!
Hot Oil Treatment
Hot Oil Treatment

  • Used to combat dryness, add sheen, and the typical benefits. You massage the oil in your scalp and add it from root to tip, put a shower cap on.

Everyone Else Results

  • Shiny, bouncy hair, hair appeared to look super healthy and strong.

My Results

  • Combated dry scalp, weighed hair down completely. Super hard to wash out, I basically had to strip my hair to get all of the oil out.

Out of all the methods I tried using coconut oil, the hot oil method gave me the absolute worst results. What I learned from using coconut oil is that the oil never fully penetrated my hair, it literally sat on top of my hair shaft. I’m assuming that it was just to heavy of an oil for my fine strands no matter how I used it. The weather did not make a difference either, I figured since it was colder outside that it would make a difference but it didn’t, I still got the same results. That however is when I began experimenting with other oils and discovered lighter oils (jojoba, avacado, and argan) gave me the results that I was trying to get from using coconut oil.

Does coconut oil work for you? If not what oils do you use?

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  1. I have Caucasian hair that is increadibly coarse, thick and frizzy but with fairly average shiny roots. I tried the hot oil method with coconut oil and got the same result, I had to murder it with shampoo to get it out again, defeating the purpose. I have find that it really helps to just put a little on the ends of my hair when it’s still very damp to stop it going all poofy.


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