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What to do after the big chop, and how to grow your hair.

Yes I have been natural since birth, however I was not doing my hair any justice. When I finally realized the value of my hair and how I wanted it to be, I began to take better care of my hair (no heat).

 Big Chop Nightmare!!!
Before the salon…

Salon Experience

I grew my hair our for a year and half before I wanted to get it shaped to get rid of that triangle look. So when I finally got it to a decent length I found a picture and went to the salon in December 2012. I showed her the picture, asked her if she could shape my curls, she said yes. I trusted her COMPLETELY  with something that took me a year plus to grow. So I sat in the chari, and she began to snip my hair starting in the back. She kept snipping and snipping and at that point I asked her, ”is everything okay?” she replied ”yes” and kept snipping. But my gut said, Bri get up and leave she does not know what she is doing. At that point I asked her to stop so I can see what she had cut. By the looks of the amount of hair on the floor it appeared as if she cut way to much. Once I got the mirror and saw what she had done, my stomach literally hit the floor I tried my hardest not to cry. I got out of the chair politely told her that I do not want to continue her services and went out to the front and ask for management.

Once I explained to the manager that her stylist cut off basically all of my hair and that I was not paying for her mistake she completely understood. I left got in my car and cried all the way home. I already had a major distrust in salons due to my past experience of stylist wanting to add relaxers to my hair or cutting off more hair than they should, but this one literally took the cake. I was more upset that I didn’t do my research on the stylist I started to blame myself for picking such a terrible stylist to begin with.

 Big Chop Nightmare!!!
After the salon…
The Aftermath

After my unwanted big chop I was stuck  wearing weaves, and growing my hair out. She had cut my hair basically to my neck which wasn’t anything close to the picture. So again I was stuck paying to hide a mistake that I simply couldn’t take. It took my hair two years to grow my hair back to the original length and it took me literally researching stylist in the Chicagoland area before I trusted another person in my head again.

Big Chop Nightmare!!!
My Advice

Here is my advice before you just step foot into any salon and trust anybody with your precious hair;

  • Do your research on the stylist; stalk his or her instagram or youtube page, ask for their portfolio before you even speak about them doing your hair.
  • Have a picture of the hair cut or shape that you want.
  • Once you pick your hair stylist ask them how they plan on shaping your hair.
  • If they have to flat iron your hair to shape it, that is perfectly fine, I literally only seen a few hairstylist who can cut curly hair in its natural state.
  • Yes it will cost, just think of it as catering to your hair.

My Unwanted Big Chop experience was one of the worst days of my hair life and I learned from it, the last thing I want to occur for anybody who is trying to grow their hair out is what I experienced.

Have you ever had a terrible salon experience? What did you do in that situation, what did you gain or learn?


  1. It makes a long process even longer if you have a bad experience like you had. Glad your on the other side and you’re hair looks great. I do think if you are on a no heat journey you should get a deva cut or something similar so they don’t have to straighten it first.


    1. Why thank you! And yes I want to get a devacut super bad but there isn’t a place in Chicago that I know of 🤷🏾‍♀️ Do you know of any that’s close to me?


      1. Wish I did, I’m in the UK!! And they’ve only really just started doing them here but mostly in London


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