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Post Baby Excessive Hair Shedding

The causes of hair shedding after giving birth and how to subside it.

​During my pregnancy my hair was everything I wanted it to be, super lustrous, attained a lot of length and less tangles. Shedding went down to nothing literally oh and my hair was the thickest that I had ever seen it in my entire life. I was so in love with my hair it was utterly ridiculous. And then I gave birth things remained the same for about three months and then BAM!!! My hair became super dry, and the shedding was excessive! No more lustrous hair. The shedding was so excessive I became concerned at this point I googled what was occurring and learned a few things.

Post baby excessive hair shedding

What causes the excess shedding?

Drop in estrogen levels

  • Your pregnancy hormones prevents the hairs on you would normally shred from falling out. So once those hormones have subsided the shedding will begin.

Is this preventable

  • No it is not, eventually once your body “comes back to normal” so will your hair, the only thing you can do is maintain your hair with extra caution.

Post baby excessive hair shedding

How can you slow down the shedding?

Less manipulation

  • The less you mess with your hair the better.

Deep condition

  • Deep condition your hair once a week to regain the luster, and strengthen your strands back to life.

No strenuous hairstyles

  • AKA: individual braids and super tight crochettes. Stay away until your child is  6 to 7 months.

Maintain your routine

  • I cannot stress the importance of a solid routine enough. Consistency is the key to everything. Continue your normal wash, condition, protectant, anything you would normally do on a regular basis.

What to try?

Black tea rinses

  • I have heard of this before but have never had to use it until now. The theory is that the caffiene counteracts the effects of the hormone DHT that cause shedding. While doing the black tea rinse you will also experience softness and shine.

Being a mother of three, with each child I have experienced the excessive shedding with all three. So trust me when I say the shedding will definitely occur. Look on the bright side though you will have a wonderful bouncing baby!
Have you experienced excessive shedding a couple of months after giving birth? What did you do to slow down the process?

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  1. My experience was very similiar but I had about two fistfuls of hair maybe more by the end of my wash routine. It was very saddening. Like you, i loved my hair while pregnant and even before. The fact that I was able to carry 3 children is a blessing but my last one messed up the tresses lol. And honestly I haven’t been able to recover. Nothing i did helped. I just had to let the shedding run its course

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