Still Not Ready for Fall?

Tips on how to extend your summer wardrobe throughout the fall!

Fall is here, and while I love layering clothes and wearing boots, I will truly miss the heat and super sunny days. And since I spent my entire summer haboring a baby I already cannot wait till next summer. My shorts and tanks and open toe sandals will be packed away and I will be waiting for the next summer trend to rock my clothes again. But wait! There is definitely ways to extend my summer favorites throughout the fall! Here’s how…


not yet ready for fall

  • Not ready to retire that tank top or short sleeve shirt just yet? Add a scarf and make that shirt last.


not yet ready for fall?

  • Don’t want to retire your shorts just yet? Add a pair of knee high suede boots to keep your legs warm.


not yet ready for fall?

  • Wear your bodycon dress under a long cardigan/vest/blazer.

These three items can keep you warm while you wear you’re summer clothes that you aren’t ready to retire.

not yet ready for fall?
not yet ready for fall?
How do you wear your summer pieces in the fall?

Much Love,


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