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Duped by Bri: Side Braids!

A pictorial on how to achieve side braids!

This is my first of many Duped by Bri segments that I will start posting with step by step pictorials! On Instagram if you search the hashtag #dupedbybri you will have a heads up of which style I will be doing every Monday, but it will be featured on my blog every Friday. This week I decided to Dupe an Instagram picture from @hai_styling.


side braids

  • Comb to part
  • Conakry’s brush
  • Spray water bottle
  • Edges brush
  • Rubber bands

side braids

  • Edge control
  • Styling lotion

1. Part hair where you would like the braids to be placed.

side braids

  • I started at the ear and went up half way to the middle of my head, then I went from front to the middle from where my eye ends.

2. Part the part you just created right down the middle.

side braids

  • Should favor a pizza slice. Or a triangle.

3. Braid the bottom part so that you won’t mess up the part and spray with water.

side braids

  • After spraying with water brush hair that part from tip to root and add your styling lotion.

4. Braid hair and rubber band it when done braiding.

side braids

  • Braid a little further past the part so that the braid will not unravel before you place the rubber band.

5. Repeat the previous steps for the bottom part and if you have to refresh your curls.

If you have a style you want me to dupe @ me on Instagram under the picture (@brirose26) and I will attempt the style! Will you dupe this simple yet cute style?

Much Love, 


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