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How to Refresh Wash n’ Go’s 

Quick tips on how to refresh your wash n' go's!

I refresh my wash n’ go’s every 3 or 4 days in between my actual wash days. Refreshing wash n’ go’s takes less time ( less than co-washing)  and less manipulation. In my opinion it also adds back the moisture lost from leaving your hair out. The biggest plus is that refreshing your curls is super low maintenance. This technique can be done at night and dried in the morning. With these three simple steps you can refresh your curls in no time.
how to refresh wash n' go's
1) Section your hair how you want it to lay

  • I normally section my hair in four parts (right side, left side, middle and back).

how to refresh wash n' go's

2) Mist each section with water

  • Once your hair is damp, using your wide tooth Conair brush, brush hair from root to tip.

how to refresh wash n' go's

3) Apply styler in each section 

  • Some naturalistas use leave in conditioner, and some use a styler. Sometimes using both can yield you better results. I suggest trying all three methods to see what works best for you.

how to refresh wash n' go's

4) Let it air dry over night/ diffuse

  • I normally air dry over night, but depending on the amount of time and if my hair doesn’t completely dry I will diffuse.

These four simple steps will refresh your wash n’ go which will also stretch your wash days as well.

How do you refresh your wash n’ go’s?

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