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5 Fall Natural Hair Trends…

Fall is around the corner, which means Sunday football is back (lol) and colder weather is rapidly approaching. For me hair wise, fall means less wash n’ go’s, but more protective styles, with a hint of blowouts and possibly some wand curls. Since it is cooler, this is normally the time where I get my annual trim, and check my length progression because my hair will not sweat out. Nevertheless here are my five fab fall hair trends!

1. Wave Me Baby

photo credit: Mo Knows Hair
  •  She calls it retro waves and these waves are definitely bold and beautiful.

How to Achieve

  1. Curling wand or flexirods.

2. Crown Me

crown braid
photo credit: curldaze, @myhaircrush

  • When the front of my hair starts to frizz up, I braid or twist the front, pinning the tip behind my ear.

How to Achieve

  1. Section hair from ear to ear.
  2. Scrunchy the back.
  3. Braid/twist the front, take the scrunchy out fluff out.

3. Scarf Me Please

photo credit: @naptural85, pinterest

  • Naptural85 bodied this scarf look. Wearing your hair in a scarf protects your hair from rubbing against sweaters and coats.

How to Achieve 

photo credit: pinterest

4. Pop of Color

natural hair color
photo credit: @myhaircrush

  • Color is in whether it’s all over, streaks or ombré.

How to Achieve 

  1. GO TO THE SALON, please go to your trusted hairdresser when it comes to adding color to your hair and I will post how to add moisture to colored hair later this month.

5. Side Twist/ Low Braid/ Side Braid

photo credit: pinterest
  • Fall for a lot of people brings out simplicity, and side braids/twist are very simple to achieve.

How to Achieve 

  1. Side part, brush and slick down with styler gel, put in ponytail.
  2. Add extra hair around ponytail then braid, or braid natural hair.

What fall hair trends will you be attempting?

Much love,


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