10 Staple Items for Your Wardrobe!

Every woman hits that moment in their life when they just start assessing everything, ranging from their job choices to their wardrobe necessities. Personally, the more  I started to really like fashion, the more I noticed that there are items that I consistently wear. Being an organizer I decided to compile a list of ten wardrobe essentials, that I have, need or have seen repeatedly on either the streets or on social media. 

Dark Denim Jeans

10 staple wardrobe items

Little Black Dress

10 wardrobe staple items

Trench Coat (Khaki or Black)

10 wardrobe staple items

Pencil Skirt

10 wardrobe staple items

Leather Jacket

Classic Black/ Nude Heels

10 wardrobe staple items


10 wardrobe staple items

Leather Purse 

10 wardrobe staple items


10 wardrobe staple items


10 wardrobe staple items

Most of these items are acquired over time. Currently I am still on the hunt for the perfect timeless blazer and little black dress. So take your time and invest in quality pieces. Your closet will thank you in the long run.

What are your staple pieces? What would you add to this list? 

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