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Today’s Show Natural Hair Catastrophe 

I do not rant often, but today it is definitely a must. I’m scrolling down my Facebook timeline and I ran across this video on the Today Show of a beauty expert Deepica Mutyala showing quick summer styles.   A topic I just recently blogged about so naturally I’m interested and what she had to offer. She also stated that, “it’s actually trendy to NOT have perfectly placed hair.” So I watched the video and I was seriously shocked that these styles weren’t practiced beforehand nor checked beforehand. So on the  first lady she does a side braid, something very similar to what I posted and the example I used was Beyonce. This is the “beauty expert” Deepica Mutyala depiction. 

natural hairPhoto credit: Today Show

At this point I could tell that this live taping was about to take a turn for the worst. She moves on to the next model who happens to be African American with natural hair. And this is the style she created in less than a minute. 

natural hairPhoto credit: Today Show

natural hairPhoto credit: Today Show

natural hairPhoto credit: Today Show

The Problem

I was truly at a loss of words when I seen this, just could not understand why anyone thought that this was okay at all. The depiction of African American women with natural hair on tv seems to take great strides forward and then at times great strides back. Her hair was a hot mess and that is my nicest way of putting it without being completely condescending. This further makes me realize that people still have not been properly educated on natural hair even though there are so many products geared towards natural hair. There are so many tutorials and experts who specialize in natural hair, who own beauty salons that cater just to natural hair. There are blogs, magazine articles, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat videos, basically there is no way she should have been on tv, looking like “all my life I had to fight” hairstlye, styles furthermore by an individual who is not well versed in creating nor recreating natural hairstyles. There are a plethora of talented hairstylist that reside in New York, like cmon!

The Solution 

 I could rant for hours on this topic but I am not. Let’s think of a solution to how this catastrophe could’ve  been avioded. So I created a list of how I would’ve executed this beauty segment.

  1. Stylist
  • The best, most versatile stylist would have been executing the hairstyles. I would have even went a step further and had three hairstlyist if it was possible, which I am pretty sure it was. 

    2. Commentator

  • When you are taping live absolutely anything can happen, so to save face its best just to be the commentator explaining what the stylist is doing.

    3. Practice Trial

  • The saying practice makes perfect definitely applies to any situation. “I’m just going to wing it” does not work and is almost foolish in this instance.

I truly hope the Today Show is aware that this beauty segment was an epic fail. And no I purposefully did not mention nor show the last hairstyle because she executed that hairstlye with no problem due to the fact that the models hair favored her hair in which she is accustomed to doing everyday. 

The best way to rebound from this episode is to have a segment on naturally curly hair and have styles that cater to curly hair that can be executed in less than a minute. 

What do you think of this segment? And how should they have executed this segment?

Much Love,


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