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How I Stretch My Curls with No Heat! (Updated)

A pictorial on how I stretch my curls to achieve length, and beat shrinkage!

I like my curls to be elongated and to air dry (trying to use a little heat as possible). I achieve this by simply separating my hair into five sections and letting it air dry for at least and two hours. Yes it’s time consuming but once you have a schedule in place for the maintenance of your hair you will not notice. Also for the last two months I have been using Devacurl  Supercream Coconut Curl Styler. This product has now become a staple for me I use this every week especially on wash days. I will review this product this week! Moving along pictured below is how I elongate my curls.  

how to stretch curls with no heat 

  • Two pigtails in the front to where it’s not super tight.

 how to stretch curls with no heat 

  • Three ponytails in the back separating my problematic spots from the rest of my hair. My problematic zone is the middle of my hair, literally the smack dab middle. It’s a different texture, takes to products differently basically I am still learning that part of my hair and it has been a battle to say the least.
  • Once my hair is sectioned off I use Devacurl from tip to root and I make sure that my hair is saturated with product evenly. What needs to be added is some type of oil sheen so that my hair would look how it feels. 

Nevertheless my hair dries like this for two hours, I remove the scunchies and shake it out before I leave out or when I wake up.  
how to stretch curls with no heat  

how to stretch curls with no heat 

This is how my hair starts out but on the second day I have volume and body.

how to stretch curls with no heat
How do you elongate your curls? How long does it take for your hair to dry?
Much Love,



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