Tips for Traveling While Pregnant!

Five tips on traveling while pregnant!

I have taken at least three trips while being pregnant and with each trip I have learned something new. For instance, if you fly Southwest, they allow pregnant women to pre-board their flight. All you have to do is go to your terminal desk where you are boarding and inform them that you are pregnant and they will give you a pre-boarding pass. Very simple!
1. Check with your doctor

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  • Always check with you doctor before traveling. She/he may advise you to go or not to go.

2. Bring your records in your suitcase

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  • Anything can happen while you are pregnant, so just in case you have to go to the hospital bring your current records (pap smears, blood work, etc). That way whatever hospital you are at will already be informed on your stats.

3. DO NOT travel alone 

tips for traveling while pregnant

  • Please do not travel alone. Make sure whoever you travel with will pick up when you call. Stay with you if you happen to go to the hospital. It is very wise not to fly alone anything can happen and you will definitely need that support. If you do not have a relialable support system stay at home, it’s not worth it.

    4. Comfortable shoes/ socks

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    • When going through the airport you want to be as comfortable as possible. Have on a comfortable pair of tennis shoes or loafers, because there is no telling how long the lines will be. Also have a pair socks in your purse when going through TSA

      5. Extra pillows

      tips for traveling while pregnant

      • You still need a good night sleep to not be fatigued. Anytime I go to a hotel I check for extra pillows and if they do not already have them in the room I call down and ask for more. The more pillows I have, the more support I have for my growing belly and achy back.

      How do you travel while pregnant? What are your tips?

      Much love,


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