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Top 5 Traveling Essentials for Naturals…

Five things every natural needs while traveling.

Vacation time has arrived and I am pretty sure a number of you are planning to leave your home state. I, myself have planned some trips before my baby girl arrives. The good ole question is what will you need for your hair when traveling? My answer, the same products that you use on a typical wash day. I would highly suggest if you plan on taking a carry on to switch the products into a TSA safe containers.  If not leave them in its normal packaging and place them in a plastic bag and then into you regular toiletry bag.

Moving forward here are the top five products needed when traveling as a naturalista.

1. Shampoo

traveling essentials for natural sPhoto credit Giovanni

  • If you plan on swimming or just doing your day to day activities, washing with your regular shampoo is a must.


2. Conditioner

traveling essentials for naturalsPhoto credit Mane and Tail

  • Once you have stripped your hair of the oils and dirt, make sure you add back the moisture by using a rich conditioner.

3. Leave in conditioner

traveling essentials for naturalsPhoto credit Ouidad

  • The purpose of a leave in conditioner is to lock in moisture and keep out the frizz. Leave ins are especially essential when there is a lot of humidity at your destination. So if you want your wash n go’s to look like they do at home you will need a leave in.


4. Styler/Humidity Gel

traveling essentials for naturalsPhoto credit Ouidad

  • Depending on where you are traveling to you might need to add a humidity styling gel, along with your regular styler so that you aren’t walking around looking like a frizz ball.


5. Diffuser/ Blow dryer

traveling essentials for naturalsPhoto credit Ulta Beauty

  • I would highly suggest you use your own blow dryer. I bought a mini one from Ulta that comes with a diffuser. Nothing worst than to waste time on vacation waiting for your hair to dry, or to have that wet dog look in public and in pictures.

I travel often and I have consistently use these five items and I normally travel with a carry on because it’s so much easier in my opinion. You are able to hop right on/off the plane and head straight to your destination. The odds of your bags getting lost are eliminated, and last but not least you spend less time at the airport checking in and out.

What are your traveling essentials?

Much love,


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