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Bantu Knots (Let’s keep it real!)

 Bantu knots started in West Africa originally known as Zulu knots. Slavery caused this hairstyle to spread throughout other countries, needless to say Bantu knots have been around for a very long time. Naturalistas have been rocking Bantu knots either as a style itself or to make their hair have uniformed waves (Bantu knot outs).  

 Photo courtesy: Pinterest 

As of recently celebs Blac Chyna and Dej Loaf have been rocking Bantu knots in the most epic way.

Photo courtesy: @dejloaf  
 Photo courtesy: @blacchyna

I didn’t even recognize Dej Loaf her entire birthday look was amazing and her birthday theme was “Coming to America” a classic movie I might add.

 Photo courtesy: @dejloaf

All was well in the world until People Magazine ( who I love) Twitter account gave credit to Bjork for the origination of Bantu knots.  

 Photo Courtesy: @people

People magazine later removed the tweet, so don’t even bother looking for it because it is gone, but if you google it, it will still appear. Instagram, Twitter and basically every social media platform kindly informed People Magazine that they were completely misinformed!  

Photo courtesy: @stardixon

 To begin with they clearly should’ve researched the true origin of Bantu knots because Bjork (who I don’t know) definitely didn’t not create Bantu knots. Bantu knots have been worn by Africans and later African Americans for a very long time. I really wish that society would stop taking styles and giving it different names and claiming someone else made it up. It’s becoming quite bothersome, and it takes no effort to give credit where it is due. I could sit here and rant all day honestly but I’m not, I’m going to use this platform to inform other people who are poorly misinformed starting with this post.

How do you feel about the lack of recognition when it comes to black hairstyles? And how can we properly inform society of their mistakes and lack of knowledge?

Much Love,


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