How to Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces can be worn year round and either make or break an outfit. I’ve taken the pleasure of finding pictures that show the proper way to wear these necklaces, so that you do not fall victim of wearing them improperly.
 1. Statement necklaces can be worn with a scoop neck or deep v tshirt. 

 Photo credit: @lovestyleaddict

 Photo credit: @fashion_blogger_designer

  Photo credit: @lovestyleaddict

 2. You can wear a plain white or colored tshirt with a statement necklace.

  Photo credit: @stafanimilano

3. Statement necklaces can also be worn with a graphic tshirt. 

 Photo credit: Society19

4. When wearing a chambray shirt a necklace can be either worn with the shirt buttoned all the way up, or the with the shirt being slightly open.  

 Photo credit:

  Photo credit: @stafanimano

You can purchase statement necklaces from a variety of places. My favorite places that do not break the bank (mama on a budget) Aldo, Express, H&M, TopShop and Akira. Prices can range anywhere from $10 to $40 dollars at these places sometimes higher than that. I normally buy necklaces on sale because there are almost always deals on jewelry at these retail locations.

How do you wear you statement necklace? 

Much Love, 


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