natural hair

Halo Braid

I finally attempted the halo braid or goddess braid that I have seen many bloggers, You Tubers and Instagramers post. It didn’t take me long to do but I honestly got mixed reviews. So people loved it, and some people who see me on the regular gave me the puzzled look. 


 I achieved this look on stretched out hair from a bun that I had been wearing for a week. I admit I have been lazy with my hair and instead of wearing it down I put it up to avoid my ends becoming dry and my hair becoming tangled. 


  • Hair must be combed through
  • Have two hair ties handy/ Bobby pins
  • Part hair in the middle
  • Put into two sections
  • Start French braiding from the back
  • Do not braid tight braid loose so you can fluff the braid to the desired look
  • Rubberband the end once you have French braided around your head
  • Take the tip of the braid tuck it in and and Bobby pin

Rather simple process, like I mentioned before I got mixed reactions (lol) but at the end of the day I like it so I’m going to wear it.

Much Love,


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