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Length Check!!!


Although I really checked my length in February I’m still going to post my progress even though it’s now March. Before we go forward I took this picture while at the Chicago Auto Show with my boys. I tried to flexirod my hair but I didn’t allow enough time to dry so I ended up wanding my hair to speed the process up especially since it was the last day to go. When I wanded my hair, is when I noticed that my hair had grown because my hair could not fit all on the wand anymore. That’s when I decided to take a picture to compare with past pictures in my phone.    

  July 2015

  March 2016

July 2015

 March 2016

My hair was not fully flat ironed, this is just the result of wand curls after a week. I do not use heat regularly not even to blow dry unless I want a particular look, but even then my hairstyles are planned out so that doesn’t even occur. My hair has truly grown since I stopped using heat and visited my hairstylist to get my ends trimmed.  

I will post my current regimen in another post, aiming to get to bra strap length by the end of this year!

Much Love, 


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