Furry Nails???

I have seen furry nails all across the Internet on various sights and on various blogs. Not sure where this “trend” came from but it looks like it came straight off someone’s runway. Now do not get me wrong I’m all about trying new things and stepping out of the box. However this furry nail trend is an absolute fail.


It seems very unsanitary to begin with and more of a hassle. Every time I wash my hands I’m going to need to blow dry them like actual hair so that it doesn’t have a smell to it. No go!  I barely want to blow dry my hair once a week so that is not going to work. Secondly, every time I go to scratch my face it’s going to feel like something is crawling on me, I do not have time for that, I would be swatting my face 24/7. Thirdly I do not believe that these furry nails would look professional at all. This is strictly a runway look to go with whatever theme the fashion designer had. And maybe a Halloween trend that was only meant to wear for one day not for a week. 

Now if this is something you want to wear that’s perfectly fine, do whatever makes your heart flutter by all means. As far as for myself you will not ever see me wearing this “trend” unless I was paid to.

Much Love,


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