The Glam Mom Street Style Feature!!!

My father invited me to the Sox’s Fest this year my first time ever going or hearing about it. While exploring what the fest had to offer, a lovely blogger by the name of Michelle Lee (The Glam Mom) stopped and chit chatted with me for a minute while our kids were getting their face painted and balloon figures made. She introduced herself in the most presentable manner and explained her blog and what it is about and handed me her business card. She then asked, can I take a picture of you? And I’m like, of course! Anybody that knows me, knows I’m all about a good photo op especially catering to her purpose of her blog.

     It’s so funny though when I read the feature and how she wanted to say something earlier, I wanted to ask her about her glasses! Her glasses are the cutest pair I have seen in a very long time. Mind you I have been searching for a year finally found a pair and seen the price which was exactly $245 for just the frames. And besides that her overall appearance was eye catching as well. Just loved the entire experience, it’s always fun to socialize with people who have the same passion as you do.

     So go check her blog as well as my feature, which is again The Glam Mom and check out her Instagram as well @theglammom.

Much Love,


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