My NYX Liquid Lips

Photo courtesy of @nyxcosmetics

     My love for NYX is real! They are super affordable, have a variety of colors and are available at a few stores. If you go to Ulta which happens to be my favorite makeup spot, they will even let you swatch the makeup before you buy it. Being able to give makeup a test run before you buy it is the best feature at any store. How I think a color may look on me, can be totally different than what it actually looks like on. Also, at Ulta they have sales like buy one get one 50% percent off! Or a $3.50 off coupon, you can’t beat that! Getting back to the brand, NYX is an all around brand that caters to many complexions and has a plethora of makeup products to chose from. 

     I have a total of 10 lipsticks from NYX and honestly it might be more than that (some might be in my car or in my purse) but in my  vanity lipstick jars I have 10. There are 5 liquid lipsticks, 2 jumbo simply pencils, and 3 what I like to call classic lipsticks. Majority of my colors are very similar in tones ranging from dark pinks, reds and purples. Since I use the liquid lipsticks the most I’ll swatch those in this post.



  • Plush Red
  • $6
  • Liquid


  • Monte Carlo
  • $6
  • Soft matte


  • Spicy Cake
  • $6
  • Intense liquid


  • Copenhagen
  • $6
  • Soft matte


  • Raspberry Tart
  • $6
  • Liquid sheer

     The products are very easy to use, you do need to apply it at least twice to get a true color and you do need a lip primer to get the actual true color. 

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors
  • Different types (sheer, matte, liquid)

The Cons

  • Have to reapply every now and then
  • Need a primer to see the true color (which they have)

It is worth the money and the main reason why I have so many lippies from them. FYI there is now a NYX store in New York which I do plan on visiting this year! 

What’s your favorite NYX lipstick? How many do you own? Leave your responses in the comments below.

Much Love,


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