Glamour to the Eyes

     My favorite go to look is neutral shadow, winged cat eye with a light shimmery color in the corner of the eye. Pair that with a bold or neutral lip and that is my basic look. It takes me a least 7 to 10 minutes to achieve at the most. I follow a few Instagram accounts that post amazing beat face beauties that I wish I could recreate. Even on Pinterest and YouTube the MUA’s are flawless. One day I will learn how to apply makeup properly, hopefully this year. Moving on, these four looks found in a variety of places caught my eye, mainly because I wear these looks on the regular and it gives me a variation to the most basic look.
Bold Lip/Neutral Eyes


Photo credit Pinterest 

Neutral Yet Colorful 

Photo credit @irisbeilin 
Winged Eyes/ Neutral Lip

Photo credit Pinterest 
My Go To Eye Look


Photo credit Pinterest 

     With these different variations of the same kind of look you can wear these with no problems. The more you wear them the easier and faster you become. So you can add this look to your everyday look for a little spice in your appearance. Or for a hot date, or a night out on the town, whatever your preference maybe this look will not come across harsh or excessive.

What’s your go to makeup look? How long does it take you to achieve it?

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