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Quest for the Ultimate Curl Definer

As much as I try to fight it, I am in dire need of a curl definer for my wash n go’s. Since the winter air is so dry and brutal in Chicago, my hair seems to function completely different. My hair is dry, my scalp is dry and my curls are almost non existent. Basically I’m a walking frizz ball.

So here’s what I’m looking for, a curl definer that is moisturizing, doesn’t leave my hair crunchy, and doesn’t weigh my curls down. The highest price that I am willing to pay is $25 to maybe $30 bucks. Searching the Internet and looking at YouTube videos these products consistently were mentioned.

-MielleOrganics (online)

  • Mint almond oil: $13.99
  • White Peony Leave-In Conditioner: $15.99 

-Devacurl (Sephora)

  • Supercream: $28

– Kinky-Curly (Target)

  • Knot Today: $11.99

-Creme of Nature (Walmart)

  • Pudding Perfection: $9.43

-Design Essentials (Walmart, Target)

  • Natural Daily Mositurizing Lotion: $14.97
  • Honey Curl Firming Custard: $15.30

Each product will be used for a period of two weeks since I wash my hair twice a week (regular wash, and co wash). Here’s the order of the products;

  1. Devacurl Supercream ( I’ve seen nothing but good reviews about this product.)
  2. MielleOrganics
  3. Creme of Nature
  4. Kinky-Curly
  5. Design Essentials

What’s your go to curl definer products for your wash n go’s?

Much Love,


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