Lippie Lust

Makeup Monday’s

    One of my staples in my makeup collection are lipsticks. Especially hues of purples, and pinks. Lipsticks can literally make or break your entire makeup look.

    Strolling through my explore page on Instagram I stopped on @makeupshayla page. I visit her page every now and then to see what’s new and the different techniques that she uses. While skimming through her photos I noticed this one particular lipstick called Montenegro that she was wearing.

    Lipland cosmetics produces it, however Amrezy (another makeup artist) is the mastermind behind it. Montenegro is a liquid lipstick with a matte finish and of course it is sold out (why?????). It is $18.99 according to the other lippies on the website. There is hope though, you can subscribe to Lipland so when it comes back in stock they will notify you via email. But for the moment lets just bask in this lovely color!
What’s your favorite lippie for the week? Leave it in the comments down below so that we can try them out. Share, subscribe and have a lovely Monday!

Much love,

Bri Rose

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