natural hair

Birthday Hair!!!

     My birthday was this past month and I enjoyed myself greatly. Despite the fun I battled with what to do withy hair. I originally wanted to put some weave in my hair that way I wouldn’t have to deal with it nor damage my hair with excessive heat. So I started the hunt and was highly unsuccessful, two major things prevented me from purchasing hair: the price, and travel. I didn’t have time to travel and pick up the hair and I felt like I didn’t want to spend an insane amount of money for “Brazilian” hair for it to last a month max. I gave up and started thinking of what I could do to my hair, I went from a bob, to Beyonce curls, to just wild and free curls. Then the problem arose of will my hair and my outfit match. Then I started flipping through the past pics that I have of natural hair celebs and ran across this pic of Kaylin Garcia where her hair was wanded and figured I try that. That was the best decision ever, I went to target brought a wand and curled my hair, that look fit my outfit which had a pinup feel to it and saved me soooooo much money and is now one of my go to hair styles!

FYI I am not naked I have on a half top.


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